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This site is a a very small but hopefully growing fansite for Lwaxana Troi from Star Trek: The next generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Lwaxana is the mother of Deanna Troi, ship counselor of the Enterprise D and E.

Mrs. Troi has been an ambassadorial representative of her homeworld, as well as for the Federation. As a Betazoid she has empathic and telepathic powers, but often enough her own excentric personality stands in her way when using them.

But despite being often loud and complicated, Lwaxana is a concerned mother and a very caring person, showing love and support to those who need it. If you also happen to like Lwaxana Troi, please join and list yourself as a proud fan.

In Memory of
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry
23rd February 1932 - 18 December 2008

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