What others have to say about Lwaxana

[Picard discusses Lwaxana's wedding with Com. Riker.]
Jean-Luc Picard:"Married? She is getting married?"
William T. Riker:"Yes. If we stay on our present course we should rendezvous with her intended in 31 hours."
Jean-Luc Picard:"I will not have that woman continuing to use this ship for her convenience simply because her daughter happens to be one of my officers."
William T. Riker:"Apparently, Deanna being on board is only part of the reason."
Jean-Luc Picard:"The other reason being?"
William T. Riker:"She thinks the honour of giving away the bride should fall on you."
[Riker smile has grown to a big grin, while Picard appears less than happy and stops.]
Jean-Luc Picard:"Permission for an onboard wedding is granted, Number One. Nothing would please me more than to give away Mrs. Troi."